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Every child is an artist. The problem is to remain one when we grow up.


At Tiffin, we aim at going beyond ‘school art’ in its traditional forms that many of us experienced in the past; many parents often exclaim ‘I wish I was offered this opportunity when I was studying art!’ This philosophy and praxis is also aligned with contemporary Art pedagogy as developed by the Institute of Education, the National Curriculum and our long association with the Exam Board AQA. 

Students are encouraged to explore through improvisations, to embrace risk taking and accept mistakes, to be confident in evaluating, refining and finalising their unique vision. Art making has the ability to empower a student and build their self-esteem, something that we witness daily and remain vigilant to provide further opportunities for our students. Moreover, we encourage each student to specialise in their chosen medium and technique; AQA in its annual inspection reports, has commended us on the extensive variety of styles, themes and techniques presented across our exam groups.

Examples of Topics Covered in KS3
  • Printmaking
  • Painting (watercolour and acrylic)
  • Ceramics
  • Architecture
  • Portraiture
  • 3D Design
  • Graphic Illustration
Examples of Topics Covered in KS4
  • Photography
  • Natural Forms
  • Cubism
  • Self-directed Projects
Art Curriculum Statement

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