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Economics allows students to progress to the next level of their education. For all students and particularly those who do not intend to study Economics beyond A Level, it is important for them to understand that Economics is a heterodox discipline and there are a range of perspectives that shed light on economic behaviour. In addition to subject specific intent, the Economics Department seeks to develop skills that will be of particular use in higher education. This routinely includes the use of mathematical explanations where appropriate and the use of student presentations. Members of the Department also seek to identify career opportunities for Economics students.

Beyond the academic curriculum, the Economics Department aims to provide a welcoming environment in which academic risk taking is encouraged in which the contribution of all students is valued. The Department aims for greater diversity by attracting more females to take the subject and we seek, where possible, to add to the cultural capital of students who study Economics by encouraging participation in activities beyond the classroom.

Economics Curriculum Statement

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