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(AQA 7692)

Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages across the world, and is an official language of 21 countries spanning Europe and the Americas. Contemporary Hispanic society has a diverse history and revolutionary politics, world-renowned creative arts, music and literature and is a melting pot of rich and widely varied cultures. Spanish is the third most spoken language globally, with almost 500, 000, 000 native speakers of Spanish worldwide and an estimated 9 million people learning the language. Why not become one of them?

What will you study?

Spanish A level is divided into 4 core modules. In Year 1 (Year 12) you will study Aspects of Hispanic Society and Artistic Culture in the Hispanic World. These modules include a range of subtopics such as cyberspace, celebrity culture, women’s rights, regionalism and cultural heritage across the Hispanic world. In Year 2 (Year 13) 2 further topics are introduced: Multiculturalism in Hispanic Society which examines contemporary issues such as racism, integration and immigration; and Aspects of Political Life in the Hispanic World exploring monarchies, dictatorships and social movements in Spain and Latin America. In addition, students study two cultural topics during the course: the cinema of the renowned Spanish film director Pedro Almódovar (Year 12) and a play by Andalucía’s Federico García Lorca (Year 13).

How is it assessed?

Spanish A level is a 2-year linear course with all assessments taking place upon completion of the course as final examinations. Students will be assessed over all contemporary and cultural topic areas studied during the course. Separate papers tests skills in all four core language skills. Paper 1 is Listening, Reading and Writing; Paper 2 is a Speaking examination and Paper 3 is a Written Paper designed to test key essay writing and  translation skills in the foreign language.

Enrichment opportunities?

Study of the cultural topics will include day trips to theatre and cinema to enrich students’ understanding of the cultural topics through (interactive) workshops. There will also be opportunities to visit Spain.

Where might it lead you?

Spanish is a sought after and increasingly popular language across a range of careers, research opportunities and further education. ‘A level’ Spanish is a gateway to a career as a linguist (translator or interpreter), and is highly valued as a specialised and transferable skill for those wishing to pursue a career in education, law, international business and finance or global health economies.

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