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(AQA 7182)

The Psychology course provides students with many varying approaches and viewpoints within the discipline. Psychology is a highly scientific subject incorporating mathematical elements, with the comprehensive study of statistical tests. Psychology also requires strong extended writing skills to meet the high demands of the examination assessment.

What will you study?

Over the course, you will study topics such as social influence, memory, attachment, psychopathology and schizophrenia to name but a few. The different approaches used within Psychology (Biological, Cognitive, Behavioural and Psychodynamic) will encompass the topics visited and provide a rounded understanding of the many arguments within the discipline. We also learn about, and can try for yourself, some of the research methods used by psychologists. As well as this, you will take an in-depth look at ways of testing your results for significance. Teaching involves discussion and practical investigation wherever possible and you will be encouraged to critically evaluate the research you meet, an essential skill for higher education.

How is it assessed?

There is no coursework component. Your grade will be provided through examinations taken at the end of the course which include multiple choice, short and long answer essay style questions.

Enrichment opportunities?

We offer visiting speakers, HE and extension activities and an independent research project.

Where might it lead you?

Psychology students can go into a vast array of careers which are both directly and indirectly related to this subject. Typical fields include: Clinical Psychology, Counselling, Educational Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Mental Health Work, Teaching, Sports Psychology, Medicine, Sales and Marketing and many more.

The subject is popular, both in school and at university, attracts a wide range of students studying both arts and science subjects and can lead on to a variety of careers. Many students continue Psychology at university. Others pursue the full spectrum of careers including medicine.

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