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(Edexcel 9MAO)

Mathematics is a very popular and much enjoyed subject at Tiffin. In an increasingly technological age, the skills and insights gained through a course in Mathematics are highly valued by employers.

What will you study?

The Maths course covers many of the topics you will have encountered in Maths GCSE but in greater depth. It also introduces new concepts such as logarithms, calculus and parametric equations. The course also includes Mechanics (the foundations of Engineering) in which forces, friction, projectile motion, Moments, dynamics and kinematics are taught. The Statistics section introduces students to different statistical distributions, hypothesis testing, correlation and regression. The course has a strong emphasis on problem solving and applications building skills that serve our students very well in the world beyond Tiffin.

How is it assessed?

Maths is taught over two years and assessed by three papers: two in Core Maths and one in Statistics and Mechanics.

Enrichment opportunities?

In addition to rigorous preparation for A Levels we strive to retain an excitement in the subject and offer opportunities for further involvement, for example through participation in the UK Maths Challenges and other competitions, lectures by prominent mathematicians, and the opportunity to research for an extended project. The department’s weekly Riemann Zeta club caters for those who want to study maths beyond the curriculum and classes are run in preparation for STEP Maths and other university admissions tests. Many students support and mentor younger mathematicians though the Maths Prefect program.

Where might it lead you?

Maths is also an entry requirement for many Higher Education courses. In addition to Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Economics, Geology, Materials Sciences, Statistics,  Business and Accounting courses often require maths A Level. It can also support courses including Medicine, Psychology, Biochemistry, Human Sciences, Management, PPE and Linguistics to name a few.

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