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Latin and Greek

(OCR H443 and H440)

Dead languages are very much alive at Tiffin and have a solid presence within the Sixth Form. Studying Latin and Greek in our Classics Department is an ideal environment for anyone who is intellectually curious about the Ancient World and about language, and although it is academically very intensive, there is also a lot of time to expand and explore as people. The achievements of the Greeks and Romans have had an enormous influence on nearly every aspect of our own culture and students will find the study of Classical texts both provocative and challenging.

What will you study?

Both Latin and Classical Greek offer students a chance to explore the language, literature and civilisation of the Ancient World in breadth and depth. In the Sixth Form, students of Latin and/or Greek have the opportunity to study prose and verse literature in the original language, as well as building on linguistic skills acquired at GCSE. There is a lot of focus on prose composition and translation work. Small class sizes mean that students enjoy considerable support and individual
attention, as well as tutorial style lessons.

How is it assessed?

A Level Latin and Greek are both linear so the final assessment comes at the end of Year 13 in the form of two language and two literature papers. All the content is covered over the two year course. In addition, we currently offer students the opportunity to study Greek as a stand-alone AS subject in Year 12 or 13 which is examined via two papers after one year.

Enrichment opportunities?

The courses are enhanced by a vibrant programme of extra-curricular activities including: visits to the theatre both in and outside London, visits to museum collections, lectures, and trips to classical sites abroad. In recent years, students have participated in excursions to various sites across Italy, Turkey and Tunisia. We also encourage students to participate in Classics Summer Schools, such as Bryanston, UCL and Wells Cathedral Latin Camp in order to prepare them for University. We also have a very extensive University admissions programme, including visits to Oxbridge Colleges, meetings with Oxbridge academics and a full range of practice interview opportunities.

Where might it lead you?

Latin and Greek are certainly demanding A Level subjects, but ones which are endlessly rewarding. They can – and are – studied in combination with just about every subject offered in the Sixth Form at Tiffin. They complement both Arts and Sciences. Examination results are very good indeed and the Department is proud of the steady stream of students that go on to study Classical subjects at University level, especially at Oxbridge and Russell Group establishments. Those who don’t pursue Classics directly often find their Classical studies, the skills they have developed and the support provided by the Department not only enhance their university applications, but also support the work they go on to do in other fields, as diverse as Law, Medicine and Engineering.

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