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Further Maths

(Edexcel 9FMO)

Further Mathematics is also very popular and a much enjoyed subject at Tiffin.  It allows students to study the subject in greater depth and demonstrate even greater mathematical ability.

What will you study?

The Further Maths course builds on the A Level course with further study of key areas like calculus and proof. It also introduces further new concepts such as matrices, complex numbers polar coordinates. The course allows student to specialise and at Tiffin we offer three different specialisms in Mechanics, Statistics and Pure Maths. Student do not need to choose their specialisms until the second year by which time they will have a greater understanding of what these areas involve.

How is it assessed?

Elements of the Maths A Level and Further Maths A Level are both taught during the first year. Both the Maths A Level Further Maths A Level are assessed at the end of Year 13.

Enrichment opportunities?

All the enrichment opportunities available to students studying Maths are also available to these studying Further Maths.

Where might it lead you?

Further Maths can be an advantage for students aspiring to study Maths, Physics, Engineering, Economics or Computer science at Oxbridge and some other top universities.

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