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(AQA 7652)

The study of French is not just the study one of the world’s most beautiful languages. This A level course opens the door to an immensely rich, multi-facetted and attractive culture, and is likely to have a fantastic impact on your personal development and career prospects.

Lessons are interactive, fun and varied. If you are looking for an infinitely rewarding, fun and enriching A level course, a highly respected qualification that is complementary to your other A level choices then French would be an excellent option.

What will you study?

The French A level consists of: 6 topics of study, the study of one film and one novel, and one individual research project on a topic of your choice. Underlying all these components is a continuing study of French grammar, aimed at enabling students to communicate with ever-greater ease and precision. Your study of topics will allow you to delve deep into certain key aspects of the French-speaking world’s current issues, as well as artistic culture and political life. The study of a film in the first year of A level, a novel in the second year and the Individual Research project will all serve to further deepen students’ understanding and appreciation of the French-speaking culture whilst providing a stimulating variety of themes.

How is it assessed?

A level French is a linear course so assessment of students’ knowledge takes place at the end of the two years study.

The A level consists of 3 papers. Paper 1 is a Listening, Reading and Writing paper (the Writing element of which involves translation) and is worth 50% of the A level. Paper 2 is a Writing paper consisting of two essays, one based on the film studied and one on the novel studied. The Writing paper is worth 20%. Paper 3 is a Speaking paper which will focus on topics studied and the student’s individual research project. The Speaking paper is worth 30%.

Enrichment opportunities?

The French A level course at Tiffin offers students numerous opportunities to immerse themselves in the French language. All A level students have weekly one to one sessions with a native French speaker. The department offers students the opportunity to take part in our long-standing and highly successful French exchange with a school in Caen and to engage in Work Experience trip abroad. The department also runs a number of trips aimed at broadening students’ knowledge and understanding of French speaking culture, as well as a weekly film club.

Where might it lead you?

Further Education

The study of French A level not only promises to be life changing on a personal level – it is also likely to have a highly positive impact on your career prospects. The study of a language as part of a degree is recognised to have an impact on selection at top universities.  The national shortage of language students and the excellent A level results obtained here at Tiffin combine to give our students a highly competitive advantage in relation to students studying other subjects. Former A level students have gone on to study a huge variety of subjects at degree level and whilst some students choose to major on Languages many opt for one of the immense number of combined degree courses that are on offer at top universities; all these courses then offer the advantage of a spending a year abroad.


Due to the emphasis placed on communication in languages, the transferrable and rare nature of skills language students develop, and the international nature of the world’s market place, language students are highly sought after by employers in a huge variety of sectors ranging from Journalism, the Arts, Marketing, Banking, Law, Engineering, Accountancy, Academic research, and the Diplomatic service. The study of French at A level allows students to surpass national boundaries in their areas of expertise and to put themselves on the international playing field.

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