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The Tiffin School Foundation

The Tiffin School Foundation (a Charitable Incorporated Organisation with registered charity number 1185240) plays an important strategic role for Tiffin School both through the provision of land and buildings, the making of charitable donations to the School and its right to appoint a majority of Trustees/Governors to the School’s Governing Board.

A Tiffin charity to support education in Kingston dates its origins as far back as the will of Thomas Tiffin in 1638. The Endowed Schools Act of 1869 combined various Kingston educational charities and permitted the building of the first Tiffin School on the Fairfield. In 1920 the Royal Borough of Kingston acquired land in central Kingston for new Tiffin School buildings and the School moved to its present site in 1929.

In September 1978, the Charities Commission approved a division of the property of the Kingston Endowed Schools charity between two new unincorporated charities, the Tiffin School Foundation, and the Kingston Grammar School Foundation. The Tiffin lands, property and endowment fund and the right to appoint a majority of Governors to the Governing Body of the School were thereby transferred to the Tiffin School Foundation, the main object of which was the provision and conduct of Tiffin School.

Tiffin School itself was incorporated as an Academy Trust in 2011. Soon after the Tiffin School Foundation became the principal charitable conduit for parental and alumni donations and other fundraising and legacies that are absolutely essential for the School to be able to continue to offer modern facilities and wide extracurricular opportunities to its students.

In 2019 a new Charitable Incorporated Organisation named “The Tiffin School Foundation” was established and the Charities Commission granted permission for the existing unincorporated Tiffin School Foundation to transfer its assets to, and merge with, the new charitable corporation. Approval of the Department of Education was also granted for The Tiffin School Foundation to assume the same role in the governance of Tiffin School from January 31, 2020. The Trustees believe that the changes will enable the Foundation and the School to thrive in the educational environment likely to prevail in the next decade or so, encourage skilled trustee recruitment and ease administration.

Foundation Trustees have usually been drawn from those with close links to the School including alumni, parents and former teachers who are willing to give their time, effort and expertise voluntarily to benefit the School. I am extremely proud to be a Tiffinian (1967 to 1974 vintage!) and am so grateful for the education I received there. It is a privilege to now be associated with my fellow Trustees in supporting the School.

Phil Phillips
Chairman of Trustees: The Tiffin School Foundation


Foundation Trustees

Foundation Trustees
Jim Hasler-Winter Former Parent
Anna Jones Former Parent
John King Former Member of Staff
John Lulham Former Parent
Chris O’Connell Alumnus and Member of Staff
Phil Phillips Alumnus
Sutha Satkunarajah Alumnus
Simon Tupper
Jim Turner Former Parent


Foundation Meetings

Timetable of meetings for the current academic year

The Tiffin School Foundation, a charitable incorporated organisation (registered charity number 1185240). Principal office: Tiffin School, Queen Elizabeth Road, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey KT2 6RL

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