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Germany 1

The trip was so enjoyable I didn’t even realise how much I was learning. The year 9 German trip to the Schwarzwald, in the south-east corner of Germany, was a brilliant few days of fun, language practice and coach rides (which involved mainly gaming and sleeping)!

We started the journey at an eye-watering 01:30 on Friday morning at Tiffin School, and drove to Dover, then took the ferry to another long coach ride through Europe.

The staff on the trip included Frau Eckert, Mr Moodie, Mr Scott, Miss Stoutt and Miss White, all of whom were extremely helpful in navigating the long and complicated journey there and back, which consisted of a mix of ferries and stunning views!

Once we arrived at the Schwarzwald, we had two full days staying at a youth Hostel and both days we visited somewhere different. On Saturday, we visited a museum about the history of the Schwarzwald and a beautiful town called Freiburg where we got the opportunity to practise ordering hot dogs! We then returned to the hostel for a delicious barbecue that night. Sunday must have been the highlight for me; we visited Europa Park, the biggest theme park in Europe, an exceptional and exciting experience for everyone involved.

To round off the trip, as well as a shaky journey back, we had a small and sweet-based awards ceremony with prizes for the sleepiest and most annoying among others!

Another main feature in the trip for me was being with friends, which made the trip twice as fun. It was a fabulous journey of learning and enjoyment!

Ich habe es geliebt!

Calan C – 9SE