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Last week, 112 geographers in Year 10 travelled down towards Dorking and the Surrey Hills to carry out an investigation of the River Tillingbourne as part of their GCSE geography course. They were investigating how the shape and characteristics of the river changed, as the river journeyed from its source in Abinger Bottom (near Dorking), to its mouth in Shalford (near Guildford), where the Tillingbourne then joins the River Wey. Students were split into small groups and driven to selected sites along the river where they could collect their data. This included river depth, width, velocity and discharge. Students carefully obtained data from the riverbanks and (for the more daring of students) by getting into the shallow waters of the river as it became wider and deeper on its course. Fortunately, it was dry weather, although any water splashes were still pretty cold! The students then returned to school and will spend the following few lessons reflecting on the trip to prepare them for their GCSE exam next summer. Well done to all year 10 geography students for excellent fieldwork collection!