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Further Success for Tiffin in the National Scientific Thinking Challenge!

The eagerly awaited results of the National Scientific Thinking Challenge, which our Year 10 students took part in on Wednesday 1st May 2024, have finally arrived.

The National Scientific Thinking Challenge was founded in 2021 during the pandemic as a joint venture by staff at Warwick, Southampton, Bristol, Newcastle, Manchester and Oxford Universities, and was designed to test student’s ability to solve scientific problems, as opposed to recall of taught material.

Awards are issued for performance against the rest of the country – Bronze for the top 40% of entries, Silver for the top 25% of entries, and Gold for the top 10% of entries. For context, there were 15,817 students across 245 schools that completed the challenge this year.

Despite fantastic results in our first two years, our current Year 10 has somehow continued the trend of setting a new school record for awards in the challenge! This year we achieved an outstanding 136 awards – 33 Bronze, 36 Silver and 68 Gold. This increases our total number of awards by 15 % from last year, Silver by 44 % and Gold by 13 %. A special mention goes to Mohamed Y and Diana C, our top scorers on 95% each!

Students have received their individual scores by email, and their printed certificates will be handed out by form tutors before the end of term.

A huge well done to all of Year 10 – you’ve certainly raised the bar… let’s see if the current Year 9 will be able to go a step further when it is their turn next year!