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This half term’s ‘Open’ Concert, welcoming music of all types selected and prepared by pupils themselves, was filled with variety, virtuosity and vigour, heard especially in the impressively fast movements of Dylan’s (12LMO), Victor’s (8PP), Yichen’s (10JE) and Joseph’s (8RXH) performances. These were beautifully balanced by the expressive playing of lyrical favourites including Massenet’s Meditation, Chopin’s Prelude No.6 and Schumann’s Romance No.2 performed by Kangmin (10GA), Kai (10GS) and William (10RC) respectively. Adi (7TW), Aidan (10AGS) and Arjan (13SJC) completed the next part of the programme with 20th century greats from musicals by Bernstein and Sondheim. The Carnatic violin piece played brilliantly by Agastya was fascinating not only for its performance but also its introduction, in which Agastya introduced us to the nine or so raga featured in the piece. The evening was rounded off with two instrumental performances by the Rock Band: first a whimsical ‘Piano Man’ by Billy Joel, concluding with a powerful cover of Nirvana’s ‘Teen Spirit’.

Open Concert