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We were delighted last Thursday to host the first UKMT Team maths challenge to occur since before the pandemic. The main hall was filled with excited mathematicians from 22 different schools all working together to solve challenging problems. We had two teams of Tiffinians enter, well done to Ari C, Lukas H, Aarav B and Joseph E in Year 8 and Oliver C, Jack F, Soa Gi and Leo K in Year 9 who represented Tiffin in the competition.

The atmosphere in the main hall was unanimously positive from all students and staff involved. Those who stopped by throughout the day were amazed by seeing so much maths in action! The highlight of the day was the relay, where students had to rush across the hall to run questions back to their team. Somehow, despite the chaos of that round, not a single student tripped over!

The event was a huge success, thanks to support from the site staff for setting up the hall, the main office staff for their warm welcome, the canteen staff for providing refreshments (and being very accommodating when I kept asking to change timings!) and of course our amazing prefect team who organised a rota of year 12 prefects to support the event throughout the day.

The UKMT volunteers were so impressed by our year 12 prefects, they are using us as an example to encourage other host schools to get 6th formers invovled, and we have been asked to host again in Febuary next year!