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We’re thrilled to share some exciting news from the Economics Department. 

Six of our outstanding economics students Sushant M, Matt S, Stephen S, Fayaaz L, Arjun S and Akaran N have achieved success in the World Economics Cup 2024 National competition. Impressively, all six students ranked in the top 5% nationally, earning them the Regional Gold Award. Furthermore, two of our students, Stephen and Matt, have secured positions in the top 10 nationally. We’re immensely proud of their achievements and wish them the very best as they advance to the next round of the Continental Economic Cup, scheduled for July and August. Congratulations to all!

We’re delighted to highlight the achievements of our two Tiffin Young Enterprise teams, Foraker and Belleza. They recently participated in the Kingston Showcase competition, where they showcased their remarkable progress throughout the Company Programme. Both teams achieved great results, both successfully turning a profit. Their dedication and hard work truly deserve recognition, and they should be immensely proud of their achievements.

Kaizad K achieved a runner up place in the The Dorian Fisher Memorial Prize 2023-24, run by the IEA. He wrote three short essays on Economics that impressed the judges. One with the tough title of ‘Why and how does time matter in economics?’ He was awarded £250 for his well deserved prize.  

Last term, we were pleased to have two teams get through to the last rounds of national competitions. One team, consisting of Bora T, Fayaaz L, Sushant M and Prince P, competed valiantly in the Semi Final of the ‘Budget Competition’ run by the IEA. They presented to a panel of judges at the University of Buckingham about their vision for the government’s budget. Prince P was also joined by Akaran N and Prabhjot S in getting through to the UK Final of the Economics Olympiad after competing in two tough online rounds on Economics and Financial Literacy. They had a productive day at Rochester College developing a proposal to present to a panel of judges and only narrowly missed out on getting through to the International Final.

We are very proud of these students and look forward to having more success in competitions in the future.