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On Wednesday, 24th April, we asked students to wear blue in support of our Autism Appreciation Day. This fell in line with Autism Awareness Month and all funds raised from parent’s charitable donations will be given to the National Autistic Society. Displays were put round the school with facts about Autism, and tutors were given resources to support open discussion and discovery during tutor time. The celebration of neurodiversity was punctuated with incredible professional development training for teachers on Thursday morning by Susana Gonzalez, a chemistry teacher turned advocate for neurodivergent students through her company ND Bright Brains. We have also been rolling out the sunflower and sunflower support lanyards and badges amongst staff and students. If your child has a hidden disability, please do complete this google form

Prompted by a parent to bring the Pupil Voice Audit forward, and really find out how our students feel about the spotlight being shone on Autism and Neurodivergence. 100% of students were happy that we had chosen the NAS as the recipient of your charitable donations, with students pleased that awareness is being raised, and one student even said it was “cool”! Students responded to the audit that they find Tiffin a “inclusive” and “fun” school to be in. As SENCo, nothing makes me prouder than hearing our students say they feel like they belong here. Using the hive mind that is the Tiffin Student Body, we now have an extensive list of other worthwhile charities to support in the name of neurodivergent celebration, as well as other ideas to celebrate SEND within the school.

It should be mentioned that here at Tiffin we are proud to have a large proportion of our student and staff body be neurodivergent, and as a school we work hard to celebrate everyone in their uniqueness and all they bring to our community. 

Mrs Dyer