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On Tuesday in the Dance Studio, the Glee Club, Dance Company, and the Wembley Dancers (a group of junior dancers) joined forces for a musical theatre workshop centred around the Stephen Schwarz production, “Wicked.” Hosted by an external company, the workshop immersed the students in the enchanting world of Oz, providing them with valuable insights into the musical’s background, design elements, and characterisations.

The workshop kicked off with a professional physical warm-up, followed by a vocal warm-up under the guidance of experienced instructors. Once warmed up, the group had the privilege of learning one of the iconic group numbers from “Wicked.” The chosen song, “One Short Day,” is a jubilant celebration of exploration and discovery as the characters Glinda and Elphaba embark on their journey through the Emerald City.

The boys learned the song with its harmonies and cannon and then learnt the choreography and blocking so were able to perform the piece to each other in groups. They were then able to develop their performance through acting and working on their facial expressions. A piece that takes the professional Wicked cast two days to learn took the group two hours. The workshop was enjoyable for all and undoubtedly a memorable experience.