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On Monday, the Dance Company and Glee Club took centre stage at the Year 7 assembly, captivating the audience with their electrifying performances. The Glee Club’s performance of “3090” from Tick Tick Boom was in preparation for their performance at the O2 Arena for the Finals of The Jack Petchey Glee Club Championship on Sunday. Then the brilliantly choreographed and rehearsed breakdance from the Dance Company mesmerised the audience. The Year 7s in the assembly thoroughly enjoyed the performances and we hope that they are eager to join either one of these groups! There is a Glee Club slot on a Monday lunch in S3 specifically for Year 7s in preparation for re-entry into the competition next year so we hope you attend! For more information about either the Dance Company or the Glee Club, please email Mrs Brittain at [email protected]

As the applause filled the room, it was evident that the Dance Company and Glee Club had succeeded in not only entertaining but also igniting a passion for the performing arts among their peers. Their performance at the Year 7 assembly served as a testament to the talent, dedication, and sense of community that defines the performing arts culture at Tiffin School.