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Ramen noodles were originally made in China and are one of my favourite foods because I am a Chindian (Chinese + Tamil). Noodles are a symbol of longevity and chopsticks are a Chinese eating utensil that has been used for centuries. In this drawing, the watercolours I’ve used are vibrant and luminous. The table’s perspective is from a bird’s eye view.

Jayden J 7CT

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Haruki 11AB – It is an A3 portrait depicting the wears of someone working on a farm. This is relevant to my Japanese culture due to how my great grandfather, whom I have never met, was exactly that: a farmer. Him, having been born and raised in Matsunagachō in Hiroshima, I like to visit there whenever I visit Japan.

Shreyank 7CT – My artwork represents the aspect of Culture called theism. I was inspired by the different beliefs in God, many gods or believing in no God. My artwork presents three different gods of my Culture: Hinduism

Arash – This photograph presents some finely decorated porcelain artefacts originally from Persia (Iran). This composition represents some aspects of culture for me since these aspects have been traditionally passed on for thousands of years of Persian history. This image represents the famous mats, porcelain pieces, handmade detailing as well as the Persian blue prevalent in Iranian culture and history.

Aaria 9SE – My piece represents an aspect of the Hindu culture.

Arun 7OM – It is a world map, but it has been replaced with drawings that represent in some way its culture/religion. It very literally represents culture and where in the world that culture is.

Hugo 11MMB – Watercolour depictions of rural and urban Japanese scenes.