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On Tuesday afternoon, the Tiffin Glee Club was abuzz with excitement as they welcomed vocal coach Monica McLeod for an intensive workshop. With the Jack Petchey Glee Club Final on the horizon, the stakes were high, and McLeod’s expertise with musical theatre was just what the students needed to elevate their performance. Monica came to Tiffin School to fine-tune the group’s rendition of two challenging pieces: “3090” from Jonathan Larson’s “Tick Tick Boom” and “Honeymoon Avenue” by Ariana Grande. The students eagerly soaked in her guidance as she meticulously worked with them on vocal techniques, harmonies, and stage presence. The workshop wasn’t just about perfecting the songs; it was about instilling confidence, individuality and stage charisma in each performer.

The timing of the workshop couldn’t have been more perfect, as Tiffin Glee Club is gearing up for the Jack Petchey Glee Club Final, set to take place at the iconic O2 Arena. Their journey to the finals has been marked by dedication and hard work, and through working constantly with Mrs Brittain during rehearsals and after learning from and partaking in workshops, they feel determined and ready to deliver a stellar performance.

But the preparation doesn’t stop there. In addition to the workshop with Monica, Tiffin Glee Club will also participate in a final workshop in Islington on Sunday with other schools who have advanced to the finals. As they fine-tune their harmonies and polish their choreography, the students of Tiffin Glee Club are not just preparing for a competition; they are embracing an opportunity to showcase their talent and passion for music on a grand stage. Their journey to the Jack Petchey Glee Club Final is a testament to their hard work, dedication, and the transformative power of music education.

Arjan (Y13)