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IGNITE, a dance festival hosted by the Richmond Upon Thames College, was the Tiffin Dance Company’s debut performance, an event to show the culmination of our hard work during rehearsals to come together to a formal performance setting.

In the lead-up to the event, our group engaged in two practice runs during technical rehearsal on stage. These initial attempts were crucial for identifying areas of improvement, particularly noting a lack of energy and cohesion in formations. However, these were important for adjusting to the stage and identifying the weaknesses that needed to be dealt with (with the help of feedback from Mrs Brittain). When the time came for our performance, our group delivered an outstanding performance – it was the run of the highest-quality the group has done. We showed much more energy than our 2 prior rehearsals that captivated the audience, and our formations were executed with precision.

Overall, our debut performance at the Richmond Upon Thames College showed our company’s teamwork, growth and commitment, with the contrast between the initial rehearsals and the final performance underscoring the group’s resilience and determination to succeed.

Sao 9AE