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Diving into the Magic of Psychology at Disneyland Paris!

Ever wondered about the psychology behind queuing or why some thrill-seekers enjoy fast rides? How about the mystery behind splurging on a pair of mouse ears for 25 euros? These questions were at the forefront of discussion for 27 enthusiastic psychology students during their exhilarating visit to Disneyland Paris.

Setting off early on a Sunday morning, the group ventured across the channel and indulged in a leisurely Parisian evening, savouring the fluffiest pizzas at a charming local pizzeria. The real adventure began on Sunday as the students gleefully dashed around Disney, observing intriguing ride choices and even witnessing the impressive lung capacity of Mr. Coules as he screamed through the thrills.

The highlight of the trip was the Live conference featuring a diverse line-up of speakers. From a seasoned therapist sharing insights on sleep hygiene to a former FBI advisor discussing narcissistic personalities, and a researcher delving into the complexities of procrastination, the students were treated to a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.

Despite the early 4:00 AM start, the unanimous consensus among the students was that the experience was undeniably worth it. Disneyland Paris not only provided a fun-filled backdrop for exploration but also served as a rich tapestry for unravelling the mysteries of human behaviour.