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Eight of our students learning Mandarin competed with students from five other schools in a Chinese Business Competition which was held on Wednesday 6th March. It is a language and business challenge to help students practise their Mandarin knowledge and think more widely about using Chinese in their later career. They pit their wits against the other teams and won the first prize! Well done and congratulations to these students:

Year 12 – Amy, Annia
Year 11 – William, Kian, Arden, Florian
Year 10 – Eric, Kyen

“Participating in the Challenge of China Business competition was a really fun and engaging experience that helped all of us to enrich our understandings of economics, whilst also giving us the opportunity to practice our Mandarin skills in a wider setting. Working together with other students outside of my class was my personal highlight of the experience – we were able to communicate and integrate our ideas in a way that was really efficient and tailored towards our individual skill sets. In doing so, we were able to design and articulate our business idea in a conversation/email, leaflet and advert, that impressed both the judges and other schools participating! We are all incredibly proud to have achieved first place representing Tiffin School.” – Annia, Y12

“Our participation in the Challenge of China Business competition was a really enjoyable experience, both for the insight it provided into the world of global marketing as well as the chance it gave us to see more of the culture behind the language we learn. The multitude of tasks assigned to us by the competition allowed us to showcase a variety of talents and skillsets well suited to the tasks at hand, whilst also teaching the all-important skill of delegation. From my perspective, the greatest part of the competition was the opportunity to briefly see into the lives of others from different schools with similar interests in learning Mandarin.  My thanks towards the organisers and our teachers who made this possible, and congratulations to our team whose hard work paid off.” – Amy, Y12

“The Challenge of China Business Competition was very fun. We were able to learn lots of new things and we also won which was very good.  Also, the acting skills of my teammates mates were very inspiring. Overall, it was a very fun and enjoyable experience.”Arden, Y11

“The Challenge of China Business competition was an excellent opportunity for us to showcase our learning of Mandarin in a real life situation, testing both our language and marketing strategies. Many thanks to Ms Chen and the rest of the team’s dedication for allowing us to achieve first place.” – Kian, Y11

“Participating in the Challenge of China business competition was an insightful look into potential opportunities which learning mandarin can hold for non-native speakers. It was very enjoyable to help apply our skills in a comfortable environment amongst other enthusiastic students.  I particularly enjoyed having one-on-one roleplay conversations to supermarket investors for our product, utilising research, speaking, and listening skills to effectively communicate. The system of calling and submitting online was well-managed, and the guest speaker and organisers did a great job!”Eric, Y11

“This was my first time taking part in a challenge of this sort and I thought it was a very valuable experience. The Challenge of China Business challenge allowed us as a team to demonstrate our creativity and array of skills while educating us on the importance of mandarin in the business world. We also got the wonderful opportunity to utilise our mandarin skills to a panel of judges. Our team took part in a wide range of different challenges ranging from making a leaflet to creating our very own TV advertisement which promoted our product: Jelly Babies. One thing that I thought made us really shine as a team was the fact that each individual team member had an important input. I would like to thank Ms Chen for guiding us so carefully and diligently through the preparation process and also to the organisers for arranging such an amazing challenge. Last but not least, to my team members for carrying us to victory!” – William, Y11

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