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The Vienna trip for year 12 and 13 students was an unforgettable adventure filled with captivating surprises and breathtaking sights. Meticulously planned, the journey unfolded seamlessly, from the diverse Viennese cuisine in carefully selected restaurants to our daily explorations of palaces and museums. The Belvedere Museum, showcasing masterpieces by artists like Gustav Klimt and Monet, stood out as a highlight. Guided by an enthusiastic expert, we were told the stories and context behind each painting and was definitely a memorable trip. Our cozy hostel, strategically located at the heart of the city, provided a perfect retreat after our daily escapades.

Exploring the surroundings during our free time was a joy, and the novel experience of traversing Vienna via trams added a unique touch to the overall adventure. Moreover, our expedition into history beneath Stephansdom Cathedral was both eerie and enlightening. Navigating through the hidden passages and ancient chambers along with the unsettling sight of hundreds of skulls around us was cinematic and very fascinating. The tour guide’s nonchalant attitude turned the atmosphere from uneasy to engaging, as he shared intriguing details about the families resting there and the rich history embedded in the catacombs.

It was especially entertaining to interact in German with the people in Vienna and laughs surrounded the table as one by one we stressed about how we would place our orders with the correct wording. Everyone we interacted with was very patient with us and we all came back with a wider German vocabulary and more confidence in our speaking skills.

Overall, it was a brilliant trip with impeccable planning and if I ever find myself complaining about my German A level, I have the memories from this trip to encourage me.

Lamar 12PS