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At Tiffin, Mandarin has successfully been run for years, welcoming all  from beginner to advanced levels. The brand new Chinese Culture Club kicked off three weeks ago and, during each session, a Mandarin student picks a topic to present and assist Miss Chen to run and organise. Well done to Year 12 students Annia, Amy and Lily for helping with the first three sessions.

During the lead-up to Chinese New Year, students have practiced calligraphy, shape cutting and took part in a New Year cooking session this afternoon.  Chinese New Year falls on the 10th February 2024, with lots of events taking place in London around Chinatown to celebrate the Year of the Dragon.  Chinese shops and restaurants will open their doors to welcome guest with crafts and homemade goods; more information can be found here.

After Half Term, Chinese Culture Club will move to Tuesdays at lunchtime (1240-1320) in Room 27 and the first session will introduce and celebrate the greatest ancient Chinese Mathematicians.