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Year 11 geographers undertook their GCSE human geography fieldwork study this week, looking at the impact of the “Kingston Go Cycle Scheme” on surrounding environments. This makes up a written component of their paper 3 exam. The Go Cycle scheme was a £32mil infrastructure transformation project that commenced in 2016. It was designed to upgrade Kingston’s major transport routes to accommodate the cycling paths alongside roads, enabling an integrated transport system and making cycling a safer and more attractive option to the growing population of Kingston.

This development and and its reconfiguration of cycle and roadways has consequently improved the symbiotic flow of road users, cyclists, and pedestrians through Kingston. Year 11 geographers saw how these cycle paths and the investment into the surroundings have enhanced the local environments, making them enjoyable and safe places for travel and recreation.  We encourage you to go out and have a look for yourselves!

Geography Fieldwork Study