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As a school we are a proud gold award member of the Jack Petchey Foundation Award Scheme. This means that we are able to recognise the work and contributions of our students. We choose to think of this as learning through action, and we focus on nominating students who make a significant contribution to the community. Being involved in this scheme also allows us to recognise the exceptional work of our staff, who work with students beyond the classroom, through the Jack Petchey Leader Award.

Each of the three student winners receive a certificate, medal, pin badge and £300 to spend on a school project of their choosing.  They will also be honoured at a ceremony at the Rose Theatre next year.  The winners for this Term below have decided to spend their grants on credit card readers for the Charities Committee, recycling projects and a French cultural trip.  Many congratulations to Pasindu, Oscar and Constantin.  Congratulations also to Ms Galvin, our LRC Manager.

Pasindu, Year 12

Pasindu has demonstrated exceptional leadership as the head of the Charities Committee over the past couple of years, infusing the role with tireless enthusiasm and going above and beyond to galvanise his team for optimal outcomes in supporting chosen charities. Beyond his charitable endeavours, Pasindu serves as a remarkable ambassador for the School, engaging in a diverse range of extra-curricular activities while maintaining an outstanding academic record. Actively participating in Tiffin Student Voice showcases his commitment to student governance, and his personal qualities, marked by charm, capability, and a genuine passion for making a positive difference, epitomise the essence of a Tiffinian.

Oscar, Year 13

Oscar is a dedicated Tiffinian who works tirelessly for the Prefect Team. He also devotes a huge amount of time to the Learning Resources Centre and is an excellent role model for younger students. Oscar involves himself heavily in the wider life of the School freely contributing his time and energy whilst managing a stellar academic career.  He epitomises the values and spirit of our School, embodying the qualities of leadership, service, and academic excellence that are deserving of acknowledgment and appreciation.

Constantin, Year 12

Constantin is an exemplary Tiffin student whose commitment to both academic excellence and community engagement is truly commendable. His participation in a diverse array of extra-curricular activities, including his involvement in the newly formed Linguistics Club, reflects not only his intellectual curiosity but also his proactive efforts to contribute meaningfully to the school community. Beyond his academic pursuits, Constantin stands out as a selfless individual who consistently dedicates time to support and uplift his peers. His willingness to make time for others, whether in collaborative projects, mentoring roles, or community initiatives, exemplifies a rare blend of empathy and leadership. Constantin’s selflessness extends beyond the academic realm, creating a positive and inclusive atmosphere within our school community.

Ms Galvin

The Leader Award for this year has been bestowed upon Ms Galvin in recognition of her exceptional contributions to the Tiffin School community. Described by staff and students as the heart and soul of the School, Ms Galvin’s unwavering dedication to her role as the Resources Centre Manager has an invaluable impact on students and staff alike.  Ms Galvin has been praised by students for her outstanding management of the LRC, transforming it into not only a fantastic library but a safe haven for all. Students commend her for fostering a caring and welcoming environment, offering efficient assistance to anyone in need. Her boundless kindness, selflessness, and remarkable work ethic have positioned her as a role model, a parental figure, and a guiding force for the entire Tiffin community.  She is a very worthy recipient of this prestigious award and has a grant of £1000 to spend on a school project of her choosing.