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Over the past two months, all eight houses have been working hard to create fifteen minute plays for the annual ‘House Drama’ competition. The students write, direct, produce and act in their own original pieces – they are left (mostly) to their own devices, and so it’s always exciting to see what they come up with! After a very competitive round of heats, the four strongest pieces went through to the final, with subject matter covering everything from courtroom drama, to vampire community service, to a Cinderella pantomime, to a school nativity gone very wrong.

The final saw a packed audience, made up of staff, students and parents and you could absolutely feel the buzz in the room – was great to see so many students getting stuck in! Our guest judges, Stefan Evans & Joe Tyler Todd, both former Tiffin students who’ve themselves gone on to illustrious acting careers, were absolutely blown away by the standard on display, from the Y7s making the acting debut to the drama veterans of Y13. Picking just one winner for each category proved to be an incredibly touch decision, but awards went to Y7 Max of CG for ‘Best Actor’ as the unlucky-in-love Prince, and to Y13 Grace, also in CG, who won ‘Best Writer’ for her joke-a-minute Cinderella panto. The overall winners were ‘TN’, for a ‘A Story of Connection’, written by Delphi, and co-directed by Delphi & Akira – this tale of vampires sentenced to firefighting community service, had everything you would need in a house drama winner: a fire captain from the Deep American South (with accent to match), montage sequences, unexpected family reunions, an actor playing the writer herself, all led by a council of vampire elders made up of Y7 and 8s. All students involved in any of the eight pieces should be incredibly proud, it was a fantastic competition, ending in a great evening of entertainment!