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On Wednesday, all of Year 7 (and a few Year 8’s) were treated to a visit by children’s author Tom Mitchell.  Our Year 7 and 8 Book Club have been reading Tom’s books this term and were particularly excited about his visit.  Tom talked about the inspirations and funny stories behind his books and about how he researches his themes to create a narrative.  This was a wonderful opportunity to engage and encourage our reading ethos across the school.  There was much laughter and excitement all around, which culminated in a fun question and answer session.

Ms Galvin 

LRC and Sixth Form Centre Manager

Tom Mitchell, celebrated author of 4 incredible books, visited our school to talk about his books, particularly his first one, How To Rob A Bank. How To Rob A Bank is a funny and interesting book about a child named Dylan who tries to rob a bank, and fails hilariously!

As we came into the JLT, the room was buzzing with excited anticipation and our hopes were not let down. Tom Mitchell explained about the book and its inspiration. Some anecdotes from his life had been incorporated into the book, such as his own experience trying to fix a fallen TV aerial and how his father (a painter) got stuck in a bank’s toilets while painting them. He also spoke about his research watching innumerable heist movies. He is an incredible author and his books are extremely fun to read (they are available to borrow in the LRC). His visit was amazing and I, personally, really enjoyed both the book and the visit!

David Neky (7HES)