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On Tuesday, Politics Society welcomed ex-Speaker of the House, John Bercow, to Tiffin School to speak to the society about his career as the Speaker, in the Shadow cabinet and as an MP. As Presidents of the Society, Bora and I had the privilege to speak to him about his life and hear many tales from the Commons, as well as his experience speaking in venues such as Cambridge and Harvard. After quieting the JLT by shouting his infamous call of “ORDER!”, the fully packed audience heard about his contributions to the Commons in his tenure as Speaker and his thoughts on the current political climate, as well as a few jokes about his height! Overall, the audience very much enjoyed hearing from his unique perspective, and both me and Bora relished the opportunity to speak to him with Mr Williams afterward. We were told it was the most popular talk from a guest speaker in 11 years! Thank you to John Bercow for coming in to speak to us and thank you to everyone who attended- it was a great success!

Claire Pang (Y12)