A Broad, Balanced Programme

The School believes that the curriculum should reflect our vision and aims by providing an ambitious and stimulating experience for all students, and that the term curriculum should be understood in its broadest sense by comprising all learning and other experiences planned for our students.

The School has designed a curriculum that:

  • is relevant, appropriate and engaging for students
  • is determined to maintain our unusually broad, balanced and coherent education
  • encourages students to take part in a wealth of extra-curricular and enrichment opportunities
  • recognises the importance of knowledge as well as skills
  • permits continuity and progression, within and across year groups
  • provides equality of opportunity for all students, promoting the development of inclusive learning opportunities
  • provides an opportunity to celebrate and recognise achievement and success in academic subjects and in extra-curricular activities
  • promotes students’ spiritual, moral, cultural and social development, developing students’ cultural capital, especially for the most disadvantaged students
  • helps to develop an understanding of personal, social and health issues such as drugs, sex and relationships and the importance of a healthy lifestyle, which prepares them for all types of relationships in their futures
  • encourages the appreciation of British Values
  • helps each student gain a sense of self-worth, independence of thought and develop a questioning approach which challenges prejudice
  • aims to develop students as critical thinkers, flexible and independent learners
  • provides careers advice and guidance throughout a student’s time at School
  • permits the development of ICT, numeracy and literacy across the curriculum
  • enables all students to meet their full academic potential

The full curriculum policy for 2021-22 can be found here. Information on remote learning can be here.
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