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Welcome from the Chair

The 2019/20 and 2020/21 academic years have been a challenge for all of us at Tiffin. The COVID19 pandemic caused unprecedented school closures in England, the cancellation of public exams at GCSE and A level and replacement by teacher assessed grades. Sports matches against other schools, performing arts, and school trips, events that are usually a huge part of Tiffin life were also often cancelled. Online learning, parental and governor meetings, and regular Covid 19 testing became the norm. Pupils were separated from their friends, learning remotely and experiencing confusion and concern over exam grades and university places.

Despite this adversity we saw the incredible resilience, energy and determination of both pupils and staff at Tiffin to just carry on and get things done. Our online learning worked brilliantly, thanks largely to the determination and skill of our teaching staff, and that all pupils already had their own Chromebooks. Our summer exam results in 2021 were outstanding, and almost all graduating Tiffinians went to the universities of their first choice including another 23 to Oxford and Cambridge (our highest for many years). While all this was happening, great care and attention was paid to ensuring the safeguarding, wellbeing and mental health of our students by our extraordinary Tiffin staff and of the staff themselves by our superlative senior leadership team led by our Headteacher, Mike Gascoigne. A number of new and exciting subjects have been added to the regular curriculum including computer science and psychology. The School also completed a large gym extension with a project cost in excess of £2.5 million during lockdown. The new state of the art facility was made available to students and for use by the wider community from November 2020. Feedback from all who have used or seen the facility has been excellent.

The new School year has started in September 2021 with the School fully open, and despite continuing concerns over Covid19, a sense of normality is returning. Sport, performing arts and school trips have returned. The continuing attraction of Tiffin was also amply demonstrated in September 2021 by strong demand for places from external candidates at both Year 7 and 12 and particularly pleasing was the admission of a third large cohort of female students into the sixth form.

A number of exciting strategic initiatives are already underway to further improve the facilities at the School and, with the cooperation of our Alumni, at our Grists playing fields. The Governors will continue to strive to provide the very best facilities and learning environment for the School.

The vision and aims of Tiffin School remain essentially unchanged from those I experienced in the 60s and 70s as a student at Tiffin. While academic achievement and progress are the major aims of a Tiffin education they are by no means all we set out to do. Although we select students purely by academic ability our aims are to combine truly outstanding academic attainment and progress with offering the widest possible extracurricular opportunities and the fostering of strong moral and social development. We aim thereby to equip our students with the arts and habits they will need to make a meaningful contribution to society. These values are reflected in our Vision Statement for Tiffin to “Engage, Aspire, Excel”.

Our achievements would not be possible without the continuing strong support of Tiffin Alumni and our current and former Parents both in terms of voluntary donations and time. This support must continue if Tiffin is to thrive. We are truly grateful for the support already received, however small.

The Governing Board of the School and the Trustees of The Tiffin School Foundation (which appoints a majority of Governors to the Governing Board, owns the land on which the School is built, and oversees charitable donations to the School) are dedicated groups of people who serve the School as governors, company directors, and charitable trustees without monetary reward. Many of them are parents, former parents or alumni. They spend an extraordinary amount of time on School matters, holding the Executive to account, and at all times making decisions that are in the best interests of the School. It is a privilege both to have attended this great School as a student and also to serve as a Governor and Foundation Trustee.

P. Phillip Phillips

Chairman of Governors: Tiffin School
Chairman: The Tiffin School Foundation

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Tiffin School(registered Company number 07547311) Members

The following were appointed 1 March 2011
Mr John Kelvin Lulham, MBE, BA, CPFA
Mr Pip Phillip Phillips, MA
The Tiffin School Foundation (on 31 January 2020)
Mr John Paul King (on 16th March 2021)

Tiffin School Governors 2021-2022

Foundation Governors

Mr P Phillips, MA (Chairman)
Mr JK Lulham, MBE, BA, CPFA
Mr JA Turner, HND, Cert. Ed.
Mr J Hasler-Winter, MA, MRICS
Mr S Goodridge, BA, ACA
Mr S Satkunarajah, AB
Mrs A Jones, LLB

Co-opted Governors

Mr D R Evans, BSc
Mrs K Ross BA
Mrs M Garner

Parent Governors

Mrs A Armstrong, BSc
Mr G Hancock, MA, ACA


Mr M D Gascoigne, BA

Company Secretary

Mrs S Gordon-Roberts

Clerk to Governors

Mrs D Moss, MA

Please click here for a brief introduction to each of the governors (PDF format).

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Governors' Meetings

Trustee, Full Governing Board and Committee meetings are currently being held by video conference.

Please click here for a timetable of meetings for the current academic year (PDF format).

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