A Broad, Balanced Programme

As a publically funded organisation we have a contract with the Secretary of State to provide quality education for all our students.

In accordance with our funding agreements with the secretary of State we must make provision for the teaching of religious education. This is a contractual requirement on all academies.

We can choose our own curriculum as long as it is broad and balanced and includes English, Mathematics and Science. We use this opportunity to deliver a challenging and inspiring curriculum fit for the 21st century which is set by the Governors, and all students follow. We ensure that the curriculum meets the individual needs of all our learners and the collective needs of the wider community.

A Personal & Progressive Approach

We use a wide range of teaching methods so students have experience of a variety of learning styles. Schemes of Work contain outlines of methods and processes appropriate to the topic and level concerned. Discussion, professional development and mutual lesson observation enable staff to develop ideas and approaches to all aspects of teaching and learning. Our aim at all times is to ensure that students adopt a positive and productive attitude towards their own learning. The use of ICT is an integral part of all subjects. The whole school curriculum supports personalisation by allowing students to follow different courses according to their individual needs, talents and interests.

Tiffin School Curriculum 2018-19

The curriculum provision outlined below is for 2018-19. The Governors review the curriculum annually and evaluate its impact on student progress and destinations.

In Years 7 to 11 students have 58 lessons per fortnight. The details are below; the number in brackets gives the number of lessons per fortnight.

Year 7

Art (3) Dance (1) Design & Technology (3) Drama (2) English (8) French or German (6) Games (4) Geography (3) History (3) ICT (2) Latin (3) Mathematics (6) Music (3) PE (2) Religion & Philosophy (2) Science (6) 21st Century Life (1)

Year 8

Art (3) Biology (3) Chemistry (3) Cookery (2) Dance (1) Design & Technology (3) Drama (1) English (6) French or German (6) Games (4) Geography (3) History (3) Latin (3) Mathematics (6) Music (3) PE (2) Physics (3) Religion & Philosophy (2) 21st Century Life (1)

Year 9

Art (3) Biology (3) Chemistry (3) Dance (1) Design & Technology (3) English (6) French or German (7) Games (4) Geography (3) History (3) Latin or Drama (4) Mathematics (6) Music (3) PE (2) Physics (3) Religion & Philosophy (3) 21st Century Life (1)

Year 10 and Year 11

All students follow GCSE courses in:

Biology (4) Chemistry (4) English (GCSEs in English and English Literature) (7 in Year 10, and 9 in Year 11) French or German (6) Mathematics (6) Physics (4) Religion & Philosophy (3)

Students choose to follow a further 3 GCSE courses from:

Art, Dance, Design & Technology, Drama, Geography, History, Latin, Latin & Greek, Music, Spanish, PE
Each of these courses takes 6 periods per fortnight.
All students also follow non examined courses of PE (1) Games (4) 21st Century Life (1)

Sixth Form

Most students take three A Level courses, though it is possible for some to follow four A Level courses. In addition all students in Year 12 follow a non-examined enrichment course ‘Tiffin Tuesdays’ (jointly with The Tiffin Girls’ School), and all Sixth Formers participate in a games afternoon.

Courses Available:

Art & Design, Biology, Chemistry, Design Technology, Drama and Theatre Studies, Economics, English Literature, French, Geography, German, Government and Politics, Greek, History, Latin, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Physics, Religious Studies (Philosophy and Ethics), and Spanish.

Further information may be found in the Sixth Form Course guide and the Sixth Form section of this website.
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