The Tiffin School Foundation plays an important role in the life of Tiffin School.

A Tiffin charity to support education of boys can date its beginnings to the will of Thomas Tiffin in 1638. By the mid 19th Century, between thirty and fifty pupils per year were being supported by the charity. The Endowed Schools Act of 1869 combined various Kingston educational charities and permitted the building of the first Tiffin School on the Fairfield. (Parts of the Fairfield are still part of endowed land of the Tiffin School Foundation). In 1920 the Royal Borough of Kingston acquired land in central Kingston for the purposes of new Tiffin School buildings. The School moved to its present site in 1929.

On 14 September 1978, the Charity Commissioners for England and Wales approved a division of the property of the Kingston-upon–Thames Endowed Schools charity between two new charities, the Tiffin School Foundation (the “Foundation”) and the Kingston Grammar School Foundation. The lands, property and endowment related to Tiffin were thereby transferred to the Foundation, the main object of which was the provision and conduct of a day school for boys. The Tiffin School Foundation, registered charity No. 312997, owns the land on which the School is built and is charged under its governing charter with the maintenance and overall strategic conduct and ethos of the School. The Foundation maintains a majority on the Governing Body of Tiffin School.

The Foundation has, from September 2012, also acted as the principal conduit for Parental contributions made to the Tiffin Education Fund. Parental contributions are absolutely essential for the School to be able to continue to provide the wide extracurricular opportunities that we currently offer. The Foundation will also act as principal charity for the fundraising to meet our ambitious capital expansion plans.

Foundation Trustees have usually been drawn from those with close links to the School including Alumni, Parents and former teachers who are willing to give their time, effort and expertise voluntarily to the School. I am extremely proud to be a Tiffinian and to have attended Tiffin School between 1967 and 1974. I am grateful for the education I received here and it is a privilege to now be associated with my fellow Trustees in supporting the School.

Phil Phillips

Chairman of Trustees: Tiffin School Foundation

Foundation Trustees

Mr Phillip Phillips, MA (Chair)
  (former pupil)
Mr John Lulham, MBE, BA, CPFA (Vice Chair)
  (ex parent)
Mrs Pam Wardley
  (ex parent)
Mr Jim Turner, HND, Cert. Ed.
  (ex parent)
Mr James Heath, MA
  (ex parent)
Mr Simon Goodridge
  (Former Pupil)
Mr Jim Hasler-Winter, MA, MRICS
  (ex parent)
Mr S Satkunarajah, AB
Mr Eric Trump, BA
Mr John King, BA (CNAA), FRGS, DipPSE

Mrs Anna Jones, LLB (parent)

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