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Tiffin School is run by the Trustees of the Tiffin School Foundation and donations may be made to the School through the Foundation. The Tiffin School Foundation, registered charity No. 312997, owns the land on which the School is built and is charged under its governing charter with the maintenance and overall strategic conduct and ethos of the School. The Foundation maintains a majority on the Governing Body of Tiffin School.

Donations made to the Tiffin School Foundation will be used for the development of the School and to enhance the education environment for the students.

If you wish to talk about a donation to the School please contact the Headteacher, Mr M D Gascoigne via his PA Mrs H Edwards by email (

If you are a parent, then you may wish to make a donation via the Tiffin Education Fund which is specifically set up by the Trustees of the Tiffin School Foundation to receive parental donations to provide for wider opportunities and an enriched education environment for their sons. Please see below for more details.

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Tiffin Education Fund

Over many years the generosity of parents has helped us provide a wide range of opportunities and activities for all students to broaden and enrich their education. From the performing arts to the sports field, in the classroom and beyond the School, the Tiffin Education Fund has been the cornerstone of the provision of an outstanding education.

With public funding of state schools under constant and increased pressure, parental contributions have proved vital in sustaining an education provision that remains uniquely diverse and of a high standard to benefit all students.

The Tiffin Education Fund is a fund held within the Tiffin Foundation, registered charity number 312997, which has been set up to ensure that your voluntary contributions benefit every student in some way.

Every contribution you make to the Tiffin Education Fund makes a significant difference to our School. With your financial support we can offer these excellent opportunities for the benefit of all students.

A better place to learn

The Tiffin Education Fund contributes to our building improvement plan and the enhancement of the learning environment of our School. The new Dining Hall and the recent additional specialist facilities for the Sixth Form are examples of such projects. Further developments have included the updating of our laboratories, the MUGA, the cricket nets and the refurbishment of the facilities in the School Hall which has helped to support drama, music and House activities. This much improved environment benefits all students. Our next project will be the development of our Sports Hall.

Wider opportunities

Tiffin students benefit hugely from the Tiffin Education Fund supporting a comprehensive programme of wider opportunities including sports, music and performing arts. There is a range of clubs and activities that are directly funded by the Tiffin Education Fund. These societies and outdoor activities can operate due to the provision of resources such as minibuses from the Fund. Whatever your son’s choice from our wider opportunities programme, the Tiffin Education Fund is there to provide this rich menu of activities to carry your son forward in his education and enhance his enjoyment of life at Tiffin School.

Academic excellence

The Tiffin Education Fund helps us to extend the academic programme within the School. Not only are we able to offer a wider curriculum and additional learning resources, we are constantly improving our ICT infrastructure. Our Virtual Learning Environment extends the benefits of flexible learning and accessibility of information to students, parents and staff.

Making a contribution

The current suggested contribution is £520 per year, per child. This amounts to £10 per week and we believe that there is no better way to help your son’s education than this. Many families support at a higher level than this already and others are contributing what they can. It is all appreciated equally and the benefits are immense.

You can make contributions on a monthly or annual basis, either by cheque, standing order, ParentPay or cash. To set up a standing order please click on the link to the Donation Form and return it to Tiffin School, Queen Elizabeth Road, Kingston-Upon-Thames, Surrey KT2 6RL. Regular payments, such as standing orders, help the School to plan. If you would prefer to speak to us about making your donation, please get in touch with the Headteacher’s office.

Make your donation achieve even more at no extra cost to you.

The School takes full advantage of the Inland Revenue's Gift Aid Scheme, to enhance the value of donations from parents and other well-wishers. By reclaiming the Basic Rate of Tax, where applicable, we can increase the value of donations by 25%.

Your investment, their future

An outstanding School with your support


TEF Leaflet :: TEF Donation Form

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Friends of Tiffin Music

Music is central to everyday life at Tiffin, whether in the classroom or in the many instrumental and choral groups, and is nationally renowned and celebrated. However, government funding barely covers the cost of curricular activities, and the wide range of extra-curricular activities has to be independently funded.

The Friends of Tiffin Music raise funds through annual subscriptions and a range of activities such as running bars at concerts, music quiz evenings and producing CDs. As a result, in the last few years we have been able to support the work of the music department through providing new instruments and amps, funding the staffing of ensembles and master-classes, providing bursaries for those studying minority instruments or taking part in international tours, enhancing the use of ICT in the music curriculum and providing everyday equipment such as music stands, choir folders and sheet music, as well as undertaking large projects such as refurbishing and equipping the music studio and music practice rooms.

The Friends are integral to the Music Department’s organisation and planning by helping to create an exciting programme of events each year which is supported by a large community of students, parents, staff and friends. In short, without the Friends of Tiffin Music, Matthew O’Malley and his team would be unable to continue with their work developing the rich variety of talents of our young musicians, so please complete the application form and join us today.

Membership for just £20 individual / £35 family p.a. is open to all with an interest in music at Tiffin, particularly current or past parents, old boys, current and past staff and members of the Oratorio Choir. Apart from providing a donation to funds, the annual subscription offers membership benefits such as The Baton (the Friends of Tiffin Music newsletter), a programme of events, ticket privileges and social events.

Further Information & Membership

To join please complete this membership form, which will be sent to Matthew O’Malley, the Tiffin School Director of Music.
For further information, please email Matthew O’Malley.

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